Kristof Kuenssler

Kristof Kuensslerīs favorite childhood memory is reading the rules of behavior to his kindergarten mates in a small east german town. He now lives close to the Black Forest, waiting to move somewhere else, and swirling acrylic paint on 2nd hand recordīs back-covers, stolen from the same shop he happens to work at.
He also plays in a band called Kids Explode, having bad skills but good connections.
You can reach him at, or at his inevitable myspace home But donīt mention the war.

Noelle A. Powell

Noelle A. Powell was left at camp at a very tender age. There she was on parent’s weekend, sitting in the gravel driveway on her packed up little suitcase, her hair tangled and unkempt. She was so ready to go home, but her father paid for two weeks and by gum!, she was going to stay those two weeks. Did it matter that Little Noelle had discovered her father could get his money back? Nope. He drove away and left her at camp. She now makes art to try to forget.

Jason Gonzales

Jason Gonzales contributed two drug-fueled stories to Blister Packs as well as working on large disturbed canvases. His paintings have been bartered, sold, and given away in various San Antonio clubs and galleries. Here are some ink sketches of what he sees when he closes his eyes during those dry, lonely Texas nights. As of late, he has taken three new lovers.