LOVE BUNNI PRESS is a loose confederation of painters, artists, writers, photographers and designers. Love Bunni Press started in 1988 photocopying paper. The photocopying continues. In fact, there are new zines all the time!



Dropping Zines I have asked a group of amazing zine makers and artists to help LOVE BUNNI PRESS start a Zine of the Month Club. There are some familiar voices - like Cody and Mindy and Miranda and Rae. Not to mention Ben. Who we shouldn't mention lest we jinx the awesome zine he has planned! There are some people I have not had the pleasure of working with, but who's work I have admired and collected - like Carolee or Kevin Dunn or Alicia. Plus there will be work by world renown artist Derek Erdman, who completed the From the Diane Files nearly 20 years ago.A few people might be making their first zine, like Noelle. And then there are SteveO and Ryan Van. Who might be stunt men.

All in all, its pretty exciting. And will most likely keep you cheery and slightly distracted during the horrible Presidential Election season. Or at least give you something to read on the bus. Or in the bathroom. You know, while you are awaiting for the Revolution to spring out of your tub.

The first zine will be arriving the first weeks of October. Its called Y.I.D.I.Y. Not only is it a palindrome, but it is also an interview zine with various zine makers about why they do it themselves. Get it?

Anyway. Here is the schedule. I would encourage you to subscribe by hitting the paypal button below! As they say, Work It Girl!

October 2011 - R.JXP
November 2011 - Noelle
December 2011 - Miranda (Clear Obstacles & Trackmarks)
January 2012 - Outlaw Cody James (Blister Packs & The Dead Beat)
February 2012 - Kevin Dunn (Geneva13 & Razorcakes)
March 2012- Ryan Van
April 2012 - Alicia Soon (Forward Soon)
May 2012 - Kate C-90 or Derek Erdman
June 2012 -Ben Frazier (5th Grade)
July 2012 -StevO (Caterwaul From Below)
August -2012 - Rae Beet Queen (Monsters & Nonsense, Toolkit
September 2012 - Carolee Gilligan Wheeler SuperDilettante & Good Mail Day
October 2012 - R.JXP Fancy Man)

Zine Month Club


NEW ZINE!! Ghosts of Ready Reference #4.

Ghosts Of Ready ReferenceGHOSTS OF READY REFERENCE #4 Tales from the front lines of customer service in a public library. Mostly true!